Title 31A Chapter 2 Section 201

Insurance Code
Administration of the Insurance Laws
Section 201
General duties and powers.


31A-2-201.   General duties and powers.

            (1) The commissioner shall administer and enforce this title.

            (2) The commissioner has all powers specifically granted, and all further powers that are reasonable and necessary to enable the commissioner to perform the duties imposed by this title.

            (3) (a) The commissioner may make rules to implement the provisions of this title according to the procedures and requirements of Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act.

            (b) In addition to the notice requirements of Section 63G-3-301, the commissioner shall provide notice under Section 31A-2-303 of hearings concerning insurance department rules.

            (4) (a) The commissioner shall issue prohibitory, mandatory, and other orders as necessary to secure compliance with this title. An order by the commissioner is not effective unless the order:

            (i) is in writing; and

            (ii) is signed by the commissioner or under the commissioner's authority.

            (b) On request of any person who would be affected by an order under Subsection (4)(a), the commissioner may issue a declaratory order to clarify the person's rights or duties.

            (5) (a) The commissioner may hold informal adjudicative proceedings and public meetings, for the purpose of:

            (i) investigation;

            (ii) ascertainment of public sentiment; or

            (iii) informing the public.

            (b) An effective rule or order may not result from informal hearings and meetings unless the requirement of a hearing under this section is satisfied.

            (6) The commissioner shall inquire into violations of this title and may conduct any examinations and investigations of insurance matters, in addition to examinations and investigations expressly authorized, that the commissioner considers proper to determine:

            (a) whether or not any person has violated any provision of this title; or

            (b) to secure information useful in the lawful administration of this title.

Amended by Chapter 68, 2010 General Session