Title 31A Chapter 2 Section 402

Insurance Code
Administration of the Insurance Laws
Section 402


31A-2-402.   Definitions.

            As used in this part:

            (1) "Commission" means the Title and Escrow Commission created in Section 31A-2-403.

            (2) "Concurrence" means the entities given a concurring role must jointly agree for the action to be taken.

            (3) "Dual licensed title licensee" means a title licensee who holds:

            (a) an individual title insurance producer license as a title licensee; and

            (b) a license or certificate under:

            (i) Title 61, Chapter 2c, Utah Residential Mortgage Practices and Licensing Act;

            (ii) Title 61, Chapter 2f, Real Estate Licensing and Practices Act; or

            (iii) Title 61, Chapter 2g, Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Act.

            (4) "Real Estate Commission" means the Real Estate Commission created in Section 61-2f-103.

            (5) "Title licensee" means a person licensed under this title as:

            (a) an agency title insurance producer with a title insurance line of authority;

            (b) an individual title insurance producer with:

            (i) a general title insurance line of authority; or

            (ii) a specific category of authority for title insurance; or

            (c) a title insurance adjuster.

Amended by Chapter 319, 2013 General Session