Title 31A Chapter 3 Section 102 (Superseded 09/02/14)

Insurance Code
Department Funding, Fees, and Taxes
Section 102 (Superseded 09/02/14)
Exclusive fees and taxes.


31A-3-102 (Superseded 09/02/14).   Exclusive fees and taxes.

            (1) The taxes and fees under this chapter, the premium taxes under Sections 59-9-101 through 59-9-104, the fees under Section 31A-31-108, and the examination costs under Section 31A-2-205 are in place of all other license fees or assessments that might otherwise be levied by the state or any other taxing body within the state.

            (2) An insurer that pays premium taxes under Sections 59-9-101 through 59-9-104 is not subject to corporate franchise taxes.

            (3) Unless otherwise exempt, a licensee under this title is subject to real and personal property taxes.

Amended by Chapter 243, 1994 General Session