Title 31A Chapter 3 Section 303

Insurance Code
Department Funding, Fees, and Taxes
Section 303
Payment of tax.


31A-3-303.   Payment of tax.

            (1) (a) An insurer, the producers involved in the transaction, and the policyholder are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the taxes required under Section 31A-3-301.

            (b) The policyholder's liability for payment of the premium tax under Section 31A-3-301 ends when the policyholder pays the tax to a producer or an insurer.

            (c) The insurer and the producers involved in the transaction are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the additional tax required under Section 31A-3-302.

            (d) Except for the tax under Section 31A-3-302, the policyholder shall pay a tax under this part and shall be billed specifically for the tax when billed for the premium.

            (e) Except for the tax imposed under Section 31A-3-302, absorption of the tax by the producer or insurer is an unfair method of competition under Sections 31A-23a-402 and 31A-23a-402.5.

            (2) (a) The commissioner shall by rule prescribe accounting and reporting forms and procedures for insurers, producers, and policyholders to use in determining the amount of taxes owed under this part, and the manner and time of payment.

            (b) If a tax is not paid within the time prescribed under the commissioner's rule, a penalty shall be imposed of 25% of the tax due, plus 1-1/2% per month from the time of default until full payment of the tax.

            (3) Upon making a record of its actions, and upon reasonable cause shown, the commissioner may waive, reduce, or compromise any of the penalties or interest imposed under this part.

            (4) Subject to Section 31A-3-305, if a policy covers risks that are only partially located in this state, for computation of tax under this part the premium shall be reasonably allocated among the states on the basis of risk locations. However, the premiums with respect to surplus lines insurance received in this state by a surplus lines producer or charged on policies written or negotiated in or from this state are taxable in full under this part, subject to a credit for any tax actually paid in another state to the extent of a reasonable allocation on the basis of risk locations.

            (5) Subject to Section 31A-3-305, the premium taxes collected under this part by a producer or by an insurer are the property of this state.

            (6) If the property of a producer is seized under any process in a court in this state, or if a producer's business is suspended by the action of creditors or put into the hands of an assignee, receiver, or trustee, the taxes and penalties due this state under this part are preferred claims and the state is to that extent a preferred creditor.

Amended by Chapter 62, 2011 General Session

Amended by Chapter 275, 2011 General Session