Title 31A Chapter 4 Section 113

Insurance Code
Insurers in General
Section 113
Annual statements.


31A-4-113.   Annual statements.

            (1) (a) Each authorized insurer shall annually, on or before March 1, file with the commissioner a true statement of the authorized insurer's financial condition, transactions, and affairs as of December 31 of the preceding year.

            (b) The statement required by Subsection (1)(a) shall be:

            (i) verified by the oaths of at least two of the insurer's principal officers; and

            (ii) in the general form and provide the information as prescribed by the commissioner by rule.

            (c) The commissioner may, for good cause shown, extend the date for filing the statement required by Subsection (1)(a).

            (2) The annual statement of an alien insurer shall:

            (a) relate only to the alien insurer's transactions and affairs in the United States unless the commissioner requires otherwise; and

            (b) be verified by:

            (i) the insurer's United States manager; or

            (ii) the insurer's authorized officers.

Amended by Chapter 2, 2004 General Session