Title 31A Chapter 19a Section 406

Insurance Code
Utah Rate Regulation Act
Section 406
Filing requirements for designated rate service organization.


31A-19a-406.   Filing requirements for designated rate service organization.

            (1) The rate service organization designated under Section 31A-19a-404 shall file with the commissioner the following items proposed for use in this state at least 30 calendar days before the date they are distributed to members, subscribers, or others:

            (a) each prospective loss cost with its supporting information;

            (b) the uniform classification plan and rating manual;

            (c) the uniform experience rating plan manual;

            (d) the uniform statistical plan manual; and

            (e) each change, amendment, or modification of any of the items listed in Subsections (1)(a) through (d).

            (2) (a) If the commissioner believes that prospective loss costs filed violate the excessive, inadequate, or unfair discriminatory standard in Section 31A-19a-201 or any other applicable requirement of this part, the commissioner may require that the rate service organization file additional supporting information.

            (b) If, after reviewing the supporting information, the commissioner determines that the prospective loss costs violate these requirements, the commissioner may:

            (i) require that adjustments to the prospective loss costs be made; or

            (ii) call a hearing for any purpose regarding the filing.

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 130, 1999 General Session