Title 31A Chapter 21 Section 202

Insurance Code
Insurance Contracts in General
Section 202
Explicit approval required.


31A-21-202.   Explicit approval required.

            (1) The following clauses are disapproved unless the commissioner gives them explicit approval:

            (a) clauses requiring more expeditious notice of loss or proof of loss than is required by Section 31A-21-312 or rules adopted under that section; and

            (b) a schedule of reinstatement fees under Section 31A-22-608, if made a part of the policy. This type of schedule need not be included in the policy but may be given approval as a separate document specifically made applicable to particular classes of policies and incorporated in the policy by reference.

            (2) If an insurer fails to obtain explicit approval from the commissioner for the clauses specified in Subsection (1), the clauses are void.

Amended by Chapter 204, 1986 General Session