Title 31A Chapter 21 Section 312

Insurance Code
Insurance Contracts in General
Section 312
Notice and proof of loss.


31A-21-312.   Notice and proof of loss.

            (1) Every insurance policy shall provide that:

            (a) when notice of loss is required separately from proof of loss, notice given by or on behalf of the insured to any authorized agent of the insurer within this state, with particulars sufficient to identify the policy, is notice to the insurer; and

            (b) failure to give any notice or file any proof of loss required by the policy within the time specified in the policy does not invalidate a claim made by the insured, if the insured shows that it was not reasonably possible to give the notice or file the proof of loss within the prescribed time and that notice was given or proof of loss filed as soon as reasonably possible.

            (2) Failure to give notice or file proof of loss as required by Subsection (1)(b) does not bar recovery under the policy if the insurer fails to show it was prejudiced by the failure. This subsection may not be construed to extend the statute of limitations applicable under Section 31A-21-313.

            (3) The insurer shall, on request, promptly furnish an insured any forms or instructions needed to make a proof of loss.

            (4) As an alternative to giving notice directly under Subsection (1)(a), it is a sufficient service of notice or of proof of loss if a first class postage prepaid envelope addressed to the insurer and containing the proper notice or proof of loss is deposited in any United States post office within the time prescribed.

            (5) The commissioner shall adopt rules dealing with notice of loss and proof of loss time limitations under insurance policies. Under Section 31A-21-202, the commissioner's express approval shall be received before any contract clause requiring notice of loss or proof of loss in a manner inconsistent with the rule may be used in an insurance contract.

            (6) The acknowledgment by the insurer of the receipt of notice, the furnishing of forms for filing proofs of loss, the acceptance of those proofs, or the investigation of any claim are not alone sufficient to waive any of the rights of the insurer in defense of any claim arising under the insurance policy.

Amended by Chapter 297, 2011 General Session