Title 31A Chapter 22 Section 1404

Insurance Code
Contracts in Specific Lines
Section 1404
Rulemaking authority.


31A-22-1404.   Rulemaking authority.

            The commissioner may adopt rules that may permit or include:

            (1) the increase of benefits over time;

            (2) standards for full and fair disclosure of the manner, content, and required disclosures for the sale of long-term care insurance policies;

            (3) terms of renewability;

            (4) initial and subsequent conditions of eligibility;

            (5) nonduplication of coverage provisions;

            (6) coverage of dependents;

            (7) termination of coverage;

            (8) continuation or conversion;

            (9) probationary periods;

            (10) limitations, exceptions, and reductions of coverage;

            (11) preexisting conditions;

            (12) elimination and waiting periods;

            (13) requirements for replacement;

            (14) recurrent conditions;

            (15) definition of terms;

            (16) loss ratio requirements;

            (17) post claim underwriting;

            (18) waiver of premium;

            (19) inflation protection benefits; and

            (20) premium rate filing and review.

Amended by Chapter 344, 1995 General Session