Title 31A Chapter 23a Section 110

Insurance Code
Insurance Marketing - Licensing Producers, Consultants, and Reinsurance Intermediaries
Section 110
Form and contents of license.


31A-23a-110.   Form and contents of license.

            (1) A license issued under this chapter shall be in the form the commissioner prescribes and shall set forth:

            (a) the name and address of the licensee;

            (b) the license types and lines of authority under Section 31A-23a-106;

            (c) the date of license issuance; and

            (d) any other information the commissioner considers necessary.

            (2) A licensee under this chapter doing business under another name than the licensee's legal name shall notify the commissioner before using the assumed name in this state.

Amended by Chapter 345, 2008 General Session