Title 31A Chapter 25 Section 201

Insurance Code
Third Party Administrators
Section 201
License and authority from insurers required.


31A-25-201.   License and authority from insurers required.

            (1) A person may not perform, offer to perform, or advertise any service as a third party administrator in Utah, without a valid license under Section 31A-25-203 and express authority from all insurers it represents. A person may not utilize the services of another as a third party administrator if he knows or should know that the other does not have a license or the insurer authority as required by law. The commissioner shall be notified of the commencement or termination of insurer authority in a form established by rules.

            (2) The commissioner may by rule exempt certain persons or classes of persons from the license requirement of Subsection (1) if the functions they perform do not require the special competence, trustworthiness, or regulatory surveillance made possible by licensing.

            (3) A contract is not invalid as a result of a violation of this section.

Amended by Chapter 261, 1989 General Session