Title 31A Chapter 25 Section 202

Insurance Code
Third Party Administrators
Section 202
Application for license.


31A-25-202.   Application for license.

            (1) (a) An application for a license as a third party administrator shall be:

            (i) made to the commissioner on forms and in a manner the commissioner prescribes; and

            (ii) accompanied by the applicable fee, which is not refundable if the application is denied.

            (b) The application for a license as a third party administrator shall:

            (i) state the applicant's:

            (A) Social Security number; or

            (B) federal employer identification number;

            (ii) provide information about:

            (A) the applicant's identity;

            (B) the applicant's personal history, experience, education, and business record;

            (C) if the applicant is a natural person, whether the applicant is 18 years of age or older; and

            (D) whether the applicant has committed an act that is a ground for denial, suspension, or revocation as set forth in Section 31A-25-208; and

            (iii) any other information as the commissioner reasonably requires.

            (2) The commissioner may require documents reasonably necessary to verify the information contained in the application.

            (3) An applicant's Social Security number contained in an application filed under this section is a private record under Section 63G-2-302.

Amended by Chapter 382, 2008 General Session