Title 31A Chapter 25 Section 207

Insurance Code
Third Party Administrators
Section 207
Form and contents of license.


31A-25-207.   Form and contents of license.

            (1) Licenses issued under this chapter shall be in the form the commissioner prescribes and shall set forth:

            (a) the name, address, and telephone number of the licensee;

            (b) the date of license issuance; and

            (c) any other information the commissioner considers advisable.

            (2) A third party administrator doing business under any other name than the administrator's legal name shall notify the commissioner prior to using the assumed name in this state.

            (3) (a) An organization shall be licensed as an agency if the organization acts as a third party administrator.

            (b) An agency license issued under Subsection (3)(a) shall set forth the names of all natural persons licensed under this chapter who are authorized to act in those capacities for the organization in this state.

Amended by Chapter 116, 2001 General Session