Title 31A Chapter 33 Section 101

Insurance Code
Workers' Compensation Fund
Section 101


31A-33-101.   Definitions.

            As used in this chapter:

            (1) "Board" means the board of directors of the Workers' Compensation Fund.

            (2) "Chief executive officer" means the chief executive officer appointed by the board.

            (3) "Director" means a member of the board.

            (4) "Fund" and "Workers' Compensation Fund" mean the nonprofit, quasi-public corporation established by this chapter.

            (5) "Injury Fund" means the premiums, reserves, investment income, and any other funds administered by the Workers' Compensation Fund as provided in this chapter.

            (6) "Joint enterprise" means a joint business activity either for-profit or not-for-profit:

            (a) by which two or more persons provide insurance, products, or services; and

            (b) that is established by contract between the persons providing the insurance, products, or services.

            (7) (a) "Workers' compensation products and services" means:

            (i) medical or lost time claims management;

            (ii) utilization review;

            (iii) rehabilitation counseling or training;

            (iv) fraud detection for workers' compensation claims;

            (v) loss prevention or safety consultation;

            (vi) data or information reporting or processing involving workers' compensation; and

            (vii) liability insurance claims management if the claims management is related to or arising out of:

            (A) the sale of workers' compensation products and services described in Subsections (7)(a)(i) through (vi) by:

            (I) the Workers' Compensation Fund; or

            (II) a subsidiary of the fund; or

            (B) workers' compensation insurance coverage through:

            (I) the Workers' Compensation Fund; or

            (II) a subsidiary of the fund in accordance with Section 31A-33-103.5.

            (b) "Workers' compensation products and services" does not include the bearing of any insurance risk associated with insurance coverage.

Amended by Chapter 222, 2000 General Session