Title 31A Chapter 33 Section 104

Insurance Code
Workers' Compensation Fund
Section 104
Workers' Compensation Fund exempted.


31A-33-104.   Workers' Compensation Fund exempted.

            (1) The Workers' Compensation Fund is exempt from the provisions of:

            (a) Title 52, Chapter 4, Open and Public Meetings Act;

            (b) Title 63G, Chapter 2, Government Records Access and Management Act; and

            (c) Title 63A, Utah Administrative Services Code.

            (2) The board may specifically exempt the Workers' Compensation Fund from any provisions of:

            (a) Title 67, Chapter 19, Utah State Personnel Management Act; and

            (b) Title 63G, Chapter 6a, Utah Procurement Code.

            (3) The provisions of Title 63G, Chapter 4, Administrative Procedures Act, do not govern the initial determination of any person's eligibility for benefits under Title 34A, Chapter 2, Workers' Compensation Act, and Title 34A, Chapter 3, Utah Occupational Disease Act.

Amended by Chapter 347, 2012 General Session