Title 31A Chapter 33 Section 115

Insurance Code
Workers' Compensation Fund
Section 115
Interest and costs of collecting delinquent premium.


31A-33-115.   Interest and costs of collecting delinquent premium.

            If the Workers' Compensation Fund commences a legal action for collection of delinquent premium, it is entitled, in addition to the unpaid premium, to interest on the unpaid premium at the same rate as is then being charged by the United States Internal Revenue Service for delinquent taxes from the due date of the unpaid premium, and for all costs of collection including reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs. The remedies of the Workers' Compensation Fund under this section do not affect or diminish, and may be exercised in addition to, its right to cancel policies under Sections 31A-33-112 and 31A-33-113.

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 240, 1996 General Session