Title 32B Chapter 10 Section 704

Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
Special Use Permit Act
Section 704
Health care practitioner exemption.


32B-10-704.   Health care practitioner exemption.

            (1) This section applies to an individual who:

            (a) (i) is a health care practitioner; or

            (ii) is a veterinarian licensed under Title 58, Chapter 28, Veterinary Practice Act;

            (b) is acting within the scope of individual's professional responsibility; and

            (c) in a professional capacity, prescribes, prepares, or administers an alcoholic product to a person being treated or within the scope of the health care practitioner's license authority.

            (2) A person described in Subsection (1):

            (a) is not in violation of this title; and

            (b) is not required to hold any type of license or permit to use an alcoholic product professionally.

Enacted by Chapter 276, 2010 General Session