Title 35A Chapter 3 Section 503

Utah Workforce Services Code
Employment Support Act
Section 503
Legislative intent.


35A-3-503.   Legislative intent.

            (1) The Legislature finds that public policy should promote and encourage a strong civic sector. Civic organizations have an important role that cannot be adequately addressed through either private or public sector action. Important public values such as the condition of our neighborhoods, the character of our children, and the renewal of our cities directly depend on the strength of families, neighborhoods, and grassroots community organizations, as well as the vitality of private and religious institutions that care for those in need. Civic organizations transmit values between generations, encourage cooperation between citizens, and ensure that our communities are livable and nurturing environments. The value provided to the state by civic organizations is called social capital.

            (2) The purpose of this part is to promote the availability of social capital. Using social capital, clients of and applicants for services under this chapter may receive a wide array of services and supports that cannot be provided by state government alone. Social capital links all parts of our society together by creating opportunities for service and giving. It facilitates trust and cooperation and enhances investments in physical and human capital.

            (3) In enacting this part, the Legislature recognizes the constitutional limits of state government to sustain civic institutions that provide social capital. While state government has always depended on these institutions, it does not create them nor can it replace them. This part recognizes that state government shall respect, recognize, and, wherever possible, constitutionally encourage strong civic institutions that sustain a sense of community and humanize our lives.

Amended by Chapter 297, 2011 General Session