Title 51 Chapter 7 Section 18.2

Public Funds and Accounts
State Money Management Act
Section 18.2
Public treasurer's reports -- Contents.


51-7-18.2.   Public treasurer's reports -- Contents.

            (1) The council may:

            (a) require a public treasurer to prepare and file a written report in a form prescribed by the council containing the information required by this section; and

            (b) specify that the report will contain the information required by this section for any date.

            (2) The council shall require the report to include information:

            (a) specifying the amount of public funds in the public treasurer's possession or control;

            (b) detailing the nature and extent of the deposit and investment of those funds;

            (c) detailing the rate of return on each deposit or investment; and

            (d) detailing the nature and extent of interest rate contracts authorized by Subsection 51-7-17(3).

            (3) The public treasurer shall file the report with the council within 10 days after the day on which the public treasurer receives the council's request.

            (4) A public treasurer shall make copies of a report required by this section available for inspection by the public at the public treasurer's office during normal business hours.

Amended by Chapter 278, 2013 General Session

Amended by Chapter 388, 2013 General Session