Title 53 Chapter 10 Section 102

Public Safety Code
Criminal Investigations and Technical Services Act
Section 102


53-10-102.   Definitions.

            As used in this chapter:

            (1) "Administration of criminal justice" means performance of any of the following: detection, apprehension, detention, pretrial release, posttrial release, prosecution, adjudication, correctional supervision, or rehabilitation of accused persons or criminal offenders.

            (2) "Alcoholic beverage" is as defined in Section 32B-1-102.

            (3) "Alcoholic product" is as defined in Section 32B-1-102.

            (4) "Commission" means the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.

            (5) "Communications services" means the technology of reception, relay, and transmission of information required by public safety agencies in the performance of their duty.

            (6) "Conviction record" means criminal history information indicating a record of a criminal charge which has led to a declaration of guilt of an offense.

            (7) "Criminal history record information" means information on individuals consisting of identifiable descriptions and notations of:

            (a) arrests, detentions, indictments, informations, or other formal criminal charges, and any disposition arising from any of them; and

            (b) sentencing, correctional supervision, and release.

            (8) "Criminalist" means the scientific discipline directed to the recognition, identification, individualization, and evaluation of physical evidence by application of the natural sciences in law-science matters.

            (9) "Criminal justice agency" means courts or a government agency or subdivision of a government agency that administers criminal justice under a statute, executive order, or local ordinance and that allocates greater than 50% of its annual budget to the administration of criminal justice.

            (10) "Department" means the Department of Public Safety.

            (11) "Director" means the division director appointed under Section 53-10-103.

            (12) "Division" means the Criminal Investigations and Technical Services Division created in Section 53-10-103.

            (13) "Executive order" means an order of the president of the United States or the chief executive of a state that has the force of law and that is published in a manner permitting regular public access to it.

            (14) "Forensic" means dealing with the application of scientific knowledge relating to criminal evidence.

            (15) "Missing child" means any person under the age of 18 years who is missing from the person's home environment or a temporary placement facility for any reason and whose location cannot be determined by the person responsible for the child's care.

            (16) "Missing person" is as defined in Section 26-2-27.

            (17) "Pathogens" means disease-causing agents.

            (18) "Physical evidence" means something submitted to the bureau to determine the truth of a matter using scientific methods of analysis.

            (19) "Qualifying entity" means a business, organization, or a governmental entity that employs persons or utilizes volunteers who deal with:

            (a) national security interests;

            (b) care, custody, or control of children;

            (c) fiduciary trust over money;

            (d) health care to children or vulnerable adults; or

            (e) the provision of any of the following to a vulnerable adult:

            (i) care;

            (ii) protection;

            (iii) food, shelter, or clothing;

            (iv) assistance with the activities of daily living; or

            (v) assistance with financial resource management.

Amended by Chapter 276, 2010 General Session