Title 53 Chapter 10 Section 104

Public Safety Code
Criminal Investigations and Technical Services Act
Section 104
Division duties.


53-10-104.   Division duties.

            The division shall:

            (1) provide and coordinate the delivery of support services to law enforcement agencies;

            (2) maintain and provide access to criminal records for use by law enforcement agencies;

            (3) publish law enforcement and statistical data;

            (4) maintain dispatch and communications services for public safety communications centers and provide emergency medical, fire suppression, highway maintenance, public works, and law enforcement communications for municipal, county, state, and federal agencies;

            (5) analyze evidence from crime scenes and crime-related incidents for criminal prosecution;

            (6) provide criminalistic laboratory services to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys' and agencies, and public defenders, with the exception of those services provided by the state medical examiner in accordance with Title 26, Chapter 4, Utah Medical Examiner Act;

            (7) establish satellite laboratories as necessary to provide criminalistic services;

            (8) safeguard the public through licensing and regulation of activities that impact public safety, including concealed weapons, emergency vehicles, and private investigators;

            (9) provide investigative assistance to law enforcement and other government agencies;

            (10) collect and provide intelligence information to criminal justice agencies;

            (11) investigate crimes that jeopardize the safety of the citizens, as well as the interests, of the state;

            (12) regulate and investigate laws pertaining to the sale and distribution of liquor;

            (13) make rules to implement this chapter;

            (14) perform the functions specified in this chapter;

            (15) comply with the requirements of Section 11-40-103; and

            (16) comply with the requirements of Sections 72-10-602 and 72-10-603.

Amended by Chapter 137, 2006 General Session