Title 53A Chapter 1a Section 1001

State System of Public Education
Utah Strategic Planning Act for Educational Excellence
Section 1001


53A-1a-1001.   Definitions.

            As used in this part:

            (1) "Contractor" means the educational technology provider selected by the State Board of Education under Section 53A-1a-1002.

            (2) "Low income" means an income below 185% of the federal poverty guideline.

            (3) "Preschool children" means children who are:

            (a) age four or five; and

            (b) have not entered kindergarten.

            (4) "UPSTART" means the pilot project established by Section 53A-1a-1002 that uses a home-based educational technology program to develop school readiness skills of preschool children.

Amended by Chapter 102, 2014 General Session