Title 53A Chapter 1a Section 1007

State System of Public Education
Utah Strategic Planning Act for Educational Excellence
Section 1007
Annual report.


53A-1a-1007.   Annual report.

            (1) The State Board of Education shall make a report on UPSTART to the Education Interim Committee by November 30 each year.

            (2) The report shall:

            (a) address the extent to which UPSTART is accomplishing the purposes for which it was established as specified in Section 53A-1a-1002; and

            (b) include the following information:

            (i) the number of families:

            (A) volunteering to participate in the program;

            (B) selected to participate in the program;

            (C) requesting computers; and

            (D) furnished computers;

            (ii) the frequency of use of the instructional software;

            (iii) obstacles encountered with software usage, hardware, or providing technical assistance to families;

            (iv) student performance on pre-kindergarten and post-kindergarten assessments conducted by school districts and charter schools for students who participated in the home-based educational technology program and those who did not participate in the program; and

            (v) as available, the evaluation of the program conducted pursuant to Section 53A-1a-1006.

Enacted by Chapter 397, 2008 General Session