Title 53A Chapter 6 Section 601

State System of Public Education
Educator Licensing and Professional Practices Act
Section 601


53A-6-601.   Definition.

            As used in this part "hearing" means a proceeding held in accordance with generally accepted principles of due process and administrative law in which definite issues of fact or of law are tried before a hearing body, and in which proceeding evidence is presented and witnesses heard, and in which the party against whom the proceedings are held has a right to:

            (1) appear with or without counsel to present evidence, confront and cross-examine witnesses, or subpoena witnesses; and

            (2) obtain a decision based solely upon evidence presented to the hearing body in the presence of both parties or representatives of both parties, recognizing that presence is satisfied if a party has been given a reasonable opportunity to attend, even if the party fails to do so.

Enacted by Chapter 108, 1999 General Session