Title 53A Chapter 6 Section 603

State System of Public Education
Educator Licensing and Professional Practices Act
Section 603
Administering of oaths -- Issuance of subpoenas.


53A-6-603.   Administering of oaths -- Issuance of subpoenas.

            (1) UPPAC or a state or local school board charged with responsibility for conducting an investigation or a hearing under this chapter may administer oaths and issue subpoenas in connection with the investigation or hearing.

            (2) If a hearing is before a hearing officer or panel, the hearing officer or panel may administer oaths, and the appointing body may issue subpoenas upon the request of the hearing officer or panel.

            (3) Subpoenas shall be enforced upon the petition of the issuing body by the district court in the jurisdiction where the subpoena was issued, in the same manner as subpoenas issued by the court.

Enacted by Chapter 108, 1999 General Session