Title 53A Chapter 11 Section 602

State System of Public Education
Students in Public Schools
Section 602
Self-administration of asthma medication.


53A-11-602.   Self-administration of asthma medication.

            (1) As used in this section, "asthma medication" means prescription or nonprescription, inhaled asthma medication.

            (2) A public school shall permit a student to possess and self-administer asthma medication if:

            (a) the student's parent or guardian signs a statement:

            (i) authorizing the student to self-administer asthma medication; and

            (ii) acknowledging that the student is responsible for, and capable of, self-administering the asthma medication; and

            (b) the student's health care provider provides a written statement that states:

            (i) it is medically appropriate for the student to self-administer asthma medication and be in possession of asthma medication at all times; and

            (ii) the name of the asthma medication prescribed or authorized for the student's use.

            (3) The Utah Department of Health, in cooperation with the state superintendent of public instruction, shall design forms to be used by public schools for the parental and health care provider statements described in Subsection (2).

            (4) Section 53A-11-904 does not apply to the possession and self-administration of asthma medication in accordance with this section.

Enacted by Chapter 4, 2004 General Session