Title 53A Chapter 19 Section 301

State System of Public Education
School District Budgets
Section 301
School Breakfast Program -- Review of nonparticipants.


53A-19-301.   School Breakfast Program -- Review of nonparticipants.

            (1) (a) Each local school board shall, at least once every three years, review each elementary school in its district that does not participate in the School Breakfast Program as to the school’s reasons for nonparticipation.

            (b) (i) If the school board determines that there are valid reasons for the school's nonparticipation, no further action is needed.

            (ii) Reasons for nonparticipation may include a recommendation from the school community council authorized under Section 53A-1a-108 or a similar group of parents and school employees that the school should not participate in the program.

            (2) (a) After two nonparticipation reviews, a local school board may, by majority vote, waive any further reviews of the nonparticipatory school.

            (b) A waiver of the review process under Subsection (2)(a) does not prohibit subsequent consideration by the local school board of an individual school’s nonparticipation in the School Breakfast Program.

            (3) The requirements of this section shall be nullified by the termination of the entitlement status of the School Breakfast Program by the federal government.

Enacted by Chapter 268, 1996 General Session