Title 53B Chapter 8 Section 103.5

State System Of Higher Education
Tuition Waiver and Scholarships
Section 103.5
Alumni legacy nonresident scholarships.


53B-8-103.5.   Alumni legacy nonresident scholarships.

            (1) In addition to other nonresident tuition scholarships, the president of an institution may also waive an amount up to the full nonresident portion of tuition for alumni legacy nonresident scholarships.

            (2) The purposes of alumni legacy nonresident scholarships are to:

            (a) assist in maintaining an adequate level of service and related cost-effectiveness of auxiliary operations in institutions of higher education;

            (b) promote enrollment of nonresident students with high academic aptitudes; and

            (c) recognize the legacy of past graduates and promote a continued connection to their alma mater.

            (3) To qualify for an alumni legacy scholarship, a student shall:

            (a) enroll at an institution within the state system of higher education for the first time; and

            (b) have at least one parent or grandparent who graduated with an associate's degree or higher from the same institution in which the student is enrolling.

            (4) A student who attends an institution within the state system of higher education on an alumni legacy nonresident scholarship may not count the time during which the scholarship is received towards establishing resident student status in Utah.

Amended by Chapter 23, 2013 General Session