Title 53B Chapter 8 Section 109

State System Of Higher Education
Tuition Waiver and Scholarships
Section 109
Regents' Scholarship Program -- Base Regents' scholarship -- Qualifications -- Application.


53B-8-109.   Regents' Scholarship Program -- Base Regents' scholarship -- Qualifications -- Application.

            (1) A student qualifies for a Base Regents' scholarship if the student:

            (a) completes the high school graduation requirements of:

            (i) a public school established by the State Board of Education and the student's school district or charter school; or

            (ii) a private high school in the state that is accredited by a regional accrediting body approved by the board;

            (b) completes high school with at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average;

            (c) has at least one reported ACT test score; and

            (d) (i) completes the following high school or college credit in grades 9-12:

            (A) four units of credit of English;

            (B) four units of credit of mathematics;

            (C) three and one-half units of credit of social science;

            (D) three units of credit of lab-based natural science; and

            (E) two units of credit of sequential world or classical language other than English; and

            (ii) except as provided in Subsection (4), earns a course grade on a transcript of "C" or above in each individual course listed in Subsection (1)(d)(i).

            (2) The board shall establish policies to determine specific courses that meet the requirements under Subsection (1)(d)(i).

            (3) To be eligible for the scholarship, a student:

            (a) shall submit an application to the board with:

            (i) a copy of the student's official high school transcript and ACT scores; and

            (ii) if applicable, a college transcript showing a college course the student has completed to meet the requirements of Subsection (1)(d);

            (b) shall be a citizen of the United States or a noncitizen who is eligible to receive federal student aid;

            (c) may not have a criminal record, with the exception of a misdemeanor traffic citation; and

            (d) if applicable, shall meet the application deadlines as established by the board under Subsection 53B-8-108(9).

            (4) For purposes of determining if a student meets the grade requirements of Subsection (1)(d)(ii), the board shall assign additional weights to grades earned in courses described in Subsection (1)(d)(i) that are advanced placement, concurrent enrollment, or International Baccalaureate program courses.

            (5) (a) The amount of the Base Regents' scholarship is $1,000.

            (b) The board may adjust the amount of the Base Regents' scholarship by up to a percentage of the average percentage tuition increase approved by the board for institutions in the system of higher education.

            (6) (a) The board shall require an applicant for a Regents' scholarship to certify under penalty of perjury that:

            (i) the applicant is a United States citizen; or

            (ii) the applicant is a noncitizen who is eligible to receive federal student aid.

            (b) The certification under this Subsection (6) shall include a statement advising the signer that providing false information subjects the signer to penalties for perjury.

Amended by Chapter 64, 2013 General Session