Title 54 Chapter 4 Section 14

Public Utilities
Authority of Commission Over Public Utilities
Section 14
Safety regulation.


54-4-14.   Safety regulation.

            The commission shall have power, by general or special orders, rules or regulations, or otherwise, to require every public utility to construct, maintain and operate its line, plant, system, equipment, apparatus, tracks and premises in such manner as to promote and safeguard the health and safety of its employees, passengers, customers and the public, and to this end to prescribe, among other things, the installation, use, maintenance and operation of appropriate safety or other devices or appliances including interlocking and other protective devices at grade crossings or junctions, and block or other system of signaling, and to establish uniform or other standards of construction and equipment, and to require the performance of any other acts which the health or safety of its employees, passengers, customers or the public may demand, provided, however, that the department of transportation shall have jurisdiction over those safety functions transferred to it by the Department of Transportation Act.

Amended by Chapter 9, 1975 Special Session 1