Title 57 Chapter 22 Section 3

Real Estate
Utah Fit Premises Act
Section 3
Duties of owners and renters -- Generally.


57-22-3.   Duties of owners and renters -- Generally.

            (1) Each owner and his agent renting or leasing a residential rental unit shall maintain that unit in a condition fit for human habitation and in accordance with local ordinances and the rules of the board of health having jurisdiction in the area in which the residential rental unit is located. Each residential rental unit shall have electrical systems, heating, plumbing, and hot and cold water.

            (2) Each renter shall cooperate in maintaining his residential rental unit in accordance with this chapter.

            (3) This chapter does not apply to breakage, malfunctions, or other conditions which do not materially affect the physical health or safety of the ordinary renter.

            (4) Any duty in this act may be allocated to a different party by explicit written agreement signed by the parties.

Enacted by Chapter 314, 1990 General Session