Title 62A Chapter 3 Section 302

Utah Human Services Code
Aging and Adult Services
Section 302
Purpose of Adult Protective Services Program.


62A-3-302.   Purpose of Adult Protective Services Program.

            Subject to the rules made by the division under Section 62A-3-106.5, Adult Protective Services:

            (1) shall investigate or cause to be investigated reports of alleged abuse, neglect, or exploitation of vulnerable adults;

            (2) shall, where appropriate, provide short-term, limited protective services with the permission of the affected vulnerable adult or the guardian or conservator of the vulnerable adult; and

            (3) may make rules, in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, and develop procedures and policies relating to:

            (a) reporting and investigating incidents of abuse, neglect, or exploitation; and

            (b) providing protective services to the extent that funds are appropriated by the Legislature for this purpose.

Amended by Chapter 91, 2008 General Session