Title 63A Chapter 9 Section 101

Utah Administrative Services Code
Division of Fleet Operations and Administration of State Motor Vehicles
Section 101


63A-9-101.   Definitions.

            (1) (a) "Agency" means each department, commission, board, council, agency, institution, officer, corporation, fund, division, office, committee, authority, laboratory, library, unit, bureau, panel, or other administrative unit of the state.

            (b) "Agency" includes the State Board of Education, the Office of Education, each Applied Technology Center, the board of regents, the institutional councils of each higher education institution, and each higher education institution.

            (c) "Agency" includes the legislative and judicial branches.

            (2) "Committee" means the Motor Vehicle Review Committee created by this chapter.

            (3) "Director" means the director of the division.

            (4) "Division" means the Division of Fleet Operations created by this chapter.

            (5) "Executive director" means the executive director of the Department of Administrative Services.

            (6) "Local agency" means:

            (a) a county;

            (b) a municipality;

            (c) a school district;

            (d) a local district;

            (e) a special service district;

            (f) an interlocal entity as defined under Section 11-13-103; or

            (g) any other political subdivision of the state, including a local commission, board, or other governmental entity that is vested with the authority to make decisions regarding the public's business.

            (7) (a) "Motor vehicle" means a self-propelled vehicle capable of carrying passengers.

            (b) "Motor vehicle" includes vehicles used for construction and other nontransportation purposes.

            (8) "State vehicle" means each motor vehicle owned, operated, or in the possession of an agency.

Amended by Chapter 65, 2008 General Session