Title 63D Chapter 2 Section 102

Information Technology Act
Governmental Internet Information Privacy Act
Section 102


63D-2-102.   Definitions.

            As used in this chapter:

            (1) (a) "Collect" means the gathering of personally identifiable information:

            (i) from a user of a governmental website; or

            (ii) about a user of the governmental website.

            (b) "Collect" includes use of any identifying code linked to a user of a governmental website.

            (2) "Court website" means a website on the Internet that is operated by or on behalf of any court created in Title 78A, Chapter 1, Judiciary.

            (3) "Governmental entity" means:

            (a) an executive branch agency as defined in Section 63F-1-102;

            (b) the legislative branch;

            (c) the judicial branch;

            (d) the State Board of Education;

            (e) the Board of Regents;

            (f) an institution of higher education; and

            (g) a political subdivision of the state:

            (i) as defined in Section 17B-1-102; and

            (ii) including a school district.

            (4) (a) "Governmental website" means a website on the Internet that is operated by or on behalf of a governmental entity.

            (b) "Governmental website" includes a court website.

            (5) "Governmental website operator" means a governmental entity or person acting on behalf of the governmental entity that:

            (a) operates a governmental website; and

            (b) collects or maintains personally identifiable information from or about a user of that website.

            (6) "Personally identifiable information" means information that identifies:

            (a) a user by:

            (i) name;

            (ii) account number;

            (iii) physical address;

            (iv) email address;

            (v) telephone number;

            (vi) Social Security number;

            (vii) credit card information; or

            (viii) bank account information;

            (b) a user as having requested or obtained specific materials or services from a governmental website;

            (c) Internet sites visited by a user; or

            (d) any of the contents of a user's data-storage device.

            (7) "User" means a person who accesses a governmental website.

Amended by Chapter 356, 2009 General Session