Title 63G Chapter 2 Section 703

General Government
Government Records Access and Management Act
Section 703
Applicability to the Legislature.


63G-2-703.   Applicability to the Legislature.

            (1) The Legislature and its staff offices shall designate and classify records in accordance with Sections 63G-2-301 through 63G-2-305 as public, private, controlled, or protected.

            (2) (a) The Legislature and its staff offices are not subject to Section 63G-2-203 or to Part 4, Appeals, 5, State Records Committee, or 6, Collection of Information and Accuracy of Records.

            (b) The Legislature is subject to only the following sections in Part 9, Archives and Records Service: Sections 63A-12-102, 63A-12-106, and 63G-2-310.

            (3) The Legislature, through the Legislative Management Committee:

            (a) shall establish policies to handle requests for classification, designation, fees, access, denials, segregation, appeals, management, retention, and amendment of records; and

            (b) may establish an appellate board to hear appeals from denials of access.

            (4) Policies shall include reasonable times for responding to access requests consistent with the provisions of Part 2, Access to Records, fees, and reasonable time limits for appeals.

            (5) Upon request, the state archivist shall:

            (a) assist with and advise concerning the establishment of a records management program in the Legislature; and

            (b) as required by the Legislature, provide program services similar to those available to the executive branch of government, as provided in this chapter and Title 63A, Chapter 12, Part 1, Archives and Records Service.

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 382, 2008 General Session