Title 63I Chapter 4 Section 102

Privatization Policy Board Act
Section 102


63I-4-102.   Definitions.

            (1) (a) "Activity" means to provide a good or service.

            (b) "Activity" includes to:

            (i) manufacture a good or service;

            (ii) process a good or service;

            (iii) sell a good or service;

            (iv) offer for sale a good or service;

            (v) rent a good or service;

            (vi) lease a good or service;

            (vii) deliver a good or service;

            (viii) distribute a good or service; or

            (ix) advertise a good or service.

            (2) (a) Except as provided in Subsection (2)(b), "agency" means:

            (i) the state; or

            (ii) an entity of the state including a department, office, division, authority, commission, or board.

            (b) "Agency" does not include:

            (i) the Legislature;

            (ii) an entity or agency of the Legislature;

            (iii) the state auditor;

            (iv) the state treasurer;

            (v) the Office of the Attorney General;

            (vi) the Dairy Commission created in Title 4, Chapter 22, Dairy Promotion Act;

            (vii) the Utah Science Center Authority created in Title 63H, Chapter 3, Utah Science Center Authority;

            (viii) the Heber Valley Railroad Authority created in Title 63H, Chapter 4, Heber Valley Historic Railroad Authority;

            (ix) the Utah State Railroad Museum Authority created in Title 63H, Chapter 5, Utah State Railroad Museum Authority;

            (x) the Utah Housing Corporation created in Title 35A, Chapter 8, Part 7, Utah Housing Corporation Act;

            (xi) the Utah State Fair Corporation created in Title 63H, Chapter 6, Utah State Fair Corporation Act;

            (xii) the Workers' Compensation Fund created in Title 31A, Chapter 33, Workers' Compensation Fund;

            (xiii) the Utah State Retirement Office created in Title 49, Chapter 11, Utah State Retirement Systems Administration;

            (xiv) a charter school chartered by the State Charter School Board or a board of trustees of a higher education institution under Title 53A, Chapter 1a, Part 5, The Utah Charter Schools Act;

            (xv) the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind created in Title 53A, Chapter 25b, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind;

            (xvi) an institution of higher education as defined in Section 53B-3-102;

            (xvii) the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration created in Title 53C, Chapter 1, Part 2, School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration;

            (xviii) the Utah Communications Agency Network created in Title 63C, Chapter 7, Utah Communications Agency Network Act; or

            (xix) the Utah Capital Investment Corporation created in Title 63M, Chapter 1, Part 12, Utah Venture Capital Enhancement Act.

            (3) "Agency head" means the chief administrative officer of an agency.

            (4) "Board" means the Privatization Policy Board created in Section 63I-4-201.

            (5) "Commercial activity" means to engage in an activity that can be obtained in whole or in part from a private enterprise.

            (6) "Local entity" means:

            (a) a political subdivision of the state, including a:

            (i) county;

            (ii) city;

            (iii) town;

            (iv) local school district;

            (v) local district; or

            (vi) special service district;

            (b) an agency of an entity described in this Subsection (6), including a department, office, division, authority, commission, or board; and

            (c) an entity created by an interlocal cooperative agreement under Title 11, Chapter 13, Interlocal Cooperation Act, between two or more entities described in this Subsection (6).

            (7) "Private enterprise" means a person that for profit:

            (a) manufactures a good or service;

            (b) processes a good or service;

            (c) sells a good or service;

            (d) offers for sale a good or service;

            (e) rents a good or service;

            (f) leases a good or service;

            (g) delivers a good or service;

            (h) distributes a good or service; or

            (i) advertises a good or service.

            (8) "Privatize" means that an activity engaged in by an agency is transferred so that a private enterprise engages in the activity including a transfer by:

            (a) contract;

            (b) transfer of property; or

            (c) another arrangement.

Amended by Chapter 212, 2012 General Session