Title 71 Chapter 10 Section 2

Veteran's Preference
Section 2
Veteran's preference.


71-10-2.   Veteran's preference.

            (1) Each government entity shall grant a veteran's preference upon initial hiring to each preference eligible veteran or preference eligible spouse according to the procedures and requirements of this chapter.

            (2) The personnel officer of any government entity shall add to the score of a preference eligible who receives a passing score on an examination, or any rating or ranking mechanism used in selecting an individual for any career service position with the government entity:

            (a) 5% of the total possible score, if the preference eligible is a veteran;

            (b) 10% of the total possible score, if the preference eligible is a veteran with a disability or a purple heart recipient; or

            (c) in the case of a preference eligible spouse, widow, or widower, the same percentage the qualifying veteran is, or would have been, entitled to.

            (3) A preference eligible who applies for a position that does not require an examination, or where examination results are other than a numeric score, shall be given preference in interviewing and hiring for the position.

Amended by Chapter 366, 2011 General Session