Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 107

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 107
State highways -- SR-12 to SR-20.


72-4-107.   State highways -- SR-12 to SR-20.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-12. From Route 89 at Bryce Canyon Junction easterly through Tropic Junction and Escalante then northerly through Boulder and Grover to Route 24 east of Torrey.

            (2) SR-13. From Route 91 in Brigham City northerly through Bear River and Haws Corner to 20800 North, northwest of Plymouth, then west to the southbound on- and off-ramps of Route 15 Plymouth Interchange.

            (3) SR-14. From Route 130 in Cedar City southeasterly to Route 89 at Long Valley Junction.

            (4) SR-15. From the Utah-Arizona state line near St. George to the Utah-Idaho state line south of Malad, Idaho, on interstate Route 15.

            (5) SR-16. From the Utah-Wyoming state line northwesterly 10 miles through Woodruff then northerly to Route 30 at Sage Creek Junction.

            (6) SR-17. From Route 9 in LaVerkin northerly to Route 15 at Anderson Junction.

            (7) SR-18. From Route 15 in south St. George northerly to Route 56 at Beryl Junction.

            (8) SR-19. From Route 70 west of Green River easterly through Green River to Route 70 near Elgin.

            (9) SR-20. From Route 15, 14 miles north of Paragonah easterly to Route 89 at Orton.

Amended by Chapter 57, 2008 General Session