Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 115

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 115
State highways -- SR-91 to SR-97, SR-99, SR-100.


72-4-115.   State highways -- SR-91 to SR-97, SR-99, SR-100.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-91. From Route 15 south of Brigham City; then easterly through Brigham Canyon and Logan to the Utah-Idaho state line near Franklin, Idaho.

            (2) SR-92. From Ashton Boulevard in Lehi, east through American Fork Canyon to Route 189 in Provo Canyon.

            (3) SR-93. From the on- and off-ramps on the west side of Route 15, east along the south city limits of Woods Cross to Route 89.

            (4) SR-94. From Route 70 northeasterly to Thompson.

            (5) SR-95. From Route 24 east of Hanksville southerly crossing near the confluence of the Dirty Devil and Colorado Rivers to a point 4.3 miles south of Blanding on Route 191.

            (6) SR-96. From Clear Creek northerly through Scofield to Route 6 near Colton.

            (7) SR-97. From Route 37 east on 5500 South Street in Hooper to the Hill Air Force Base Northwest gate.

            (8) SR-99. From Route 15 south of Fillmore northerly through Fillmore to Route 15.

            (9) SR-100. From Route 99 in Fillmore westerly then northerly to Route 50 west of Holden.

Amended by Chapter 146, 2013 General Session