Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 117

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 117
State highways -- SR-111 to SR-120.


72-4-117.   State highways -- SR-111 to SR-120.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-111. From Route 48 east of Copperton northerly through Bacchus to Route 201 northeast of Magna.

            (2) SR-112. From Route 138 on 800 East in Grantsville southeasterly to Tooele on 1000 North to Route 36.

            (3) SR-113. From Route 189 in Charleston northerly to Midway; then easterly to Route 40 in Heber City.

            (4) SR-114. From Route 89 in Provo westerly on Center Street to Geneva Road; then northerly through Lakeview, Vineyard, and Geneva to Route 89 in Pleasant Grove.

            (5) SR-115. From Route 198 in Payson northerly to Benjamin; then easterly to Route 156 in Spanish Fork.

            (6) SR-116. From Route 132 in Moroni easterly to Route 89 in Mt. Pleasant.

            (7) SR-117. From Wales easterly through Chester to Spring City; then northeasterly to Route 89.

            (8) SR-118. From Route 70 easterly through Joseph and Monroe; then northerly to Route 120 in south Richfield. Beginning again with Route 120 at 300 North in Richfield, northeasterly to Route 24 near Sigurd.

            (9) SR-119. From Route 118 in Richfield easterly to Route 24 at Kings Meadow Canyon.

            (10) SR-120. From Route 70 easterly to Main Street in Richfield; then northerly on Main Street to Route 70 north of Richfield.

Amended by Chapter 199, 2010 General Session