Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 118

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 118
State highways -- SR-121 to SR-128, SR-130.


72-4-118.   State highways -- SR-121 to SR-128, SR-130.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-121. From Route 40 in Roosevelt northerly to Neola; then easterly through LaPoint and Maeser to Route 40 in Vernal.

            (2) SR-122. From the Utah Railway right-of-way line near Hiawatha easterly to Route 10 near Carbon-Emery County line.

            (3) SR-123. From Route 6 at Sunnyside Junction easterly to Sunnyside.

            (4) SR-124. From Horse Canyon coal mine northerly through Columbia Junction to Route 123.

            (5) SR-125. From Route 50 east of Delta easterly to Oak City; then northerly to Route 132 near Leamington.

            (6) SR-126. From Fort Lane at Layton Parkway Interchange northerly to Route 89 at Hot Springs Junction.

            (7) SR-127. From Route 110 easterly on Syracuse Road to a junction with Route 108 in Syracuse.

            (8) SR-128. From Route 191 near Moab northeasterly along south bank of Colorado River to Dewey; then northerly to Route 70 approximately six miles west of Cisco.

            (9) SR-130. From Route 15 northerly through Cedar City to Route 21 north of Minersville.

Amended by Chapter 336, 2012 General Session