Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 120

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 120
State highways -- SR-141 to SR-151.


72-4-120.   State highways -- SR-141 to SR-151.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-141. From Route 6 in Genola to Route 147 west of Payson.

            (2) SR-142. From Route 23 near Newton to Clarkston; then easterly through Trenton to Route 91 in Richmond.

            (3) SR-143. From Route 15 west of Parowan easterly through Parowan, then southerly to the Panguitch Lake Road, then easterly and northerly coincident with the Panguitch Lake Road to Route 89 in Panguitch.

            (4) SR-144. From Route 92 in American Fork Canyon northerly to Tibble Fork Reservoir.

            (5) SR-145. From Route 68 in Saratoga Springs easterly on Pioneer Crossing to Route 89 in American Fork.

            (6) SR-146. From Route 89 at Pleasant Grove northerly to Route 92 near the mouth of American Fork Canyon.

            (7) SR-147. From Route 141, McBeth Corner; then northerly four miles; then east approximately three miles to Benjamin; then north approximately one mile; then easterly crossing Route 89 one mile; then north to Mapleton; then west to Route 89.

            (8) SR-148. From Route 14 north to Cedar Breaks National Monument south boundary.

            (9) SR-149. From Route 40 at Jensen northerly to Dinosaur National Monument boundary.

            (10) SR-150. From Route 32 in Kamas easterly to Mirror Lake and northerly to Utah-Wyoming state line.

            (11) SR-151. From Route 154 east on 10400 South Street to 1300 West Street; then southeasterly to 10600 South Street; then east on 10600 South Street to Route 15.

Amended by Chapter 127, 2011 General Session