Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 123

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 123
State highways -- SR-171 to SR-175, SR-178, SR-180.


72-4-123.   State highways -- SR-171 to SR-175, SR-178, SR-180.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-171. From Route 111 at Eighty-fourth West Street and Thirty-fifth South Street easterly on Thirty-fifth South Street and Thirty-third South Street to Route 215 at the east-side belt route.

            (2) SR-172. From 6200 South north on 5600 West to Route 80.

            (3) SR-173. From Route 111 southeast of Magna easterly through Kearns and Murray to Route 89 at 5300 South Street in Murray.

            (4) SR-174. From Intermountain Power Plant maingate southeasterly to Route 6 south of Lynndyl.

            (5) SR-175. From Route 89 westerly on 11400 South to Route 154.

            (6) SR-178. From the southbound on and off ramps of Route 15 east on 800 South in Payson to Route 198.

            (7) SR-180. From Route 15 southeast of American Fork northerly on Fifth East Street to Route 89 in American Fork.

Amended by Chapter 118, 2009 General Session