Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 124

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 124
State highways -- SR-186, SR-189, SR-190.


72-4-124.   State highways -- SR-186, SR-189, SR-190.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-186. From Route 89 at Beck Street in Salt Lake City southerly on Victory Road and Columbus Street; then easterly on Third North; then southerly on State Street to Fourth South Street; then easterly on Fourth South, Tenth East, and Fifth South Streets; then southerly on Foothill Boulevard to Route 80.

            (2) SR-189. From Route 15 south of Provo northerly on University Avenue and Provo Canyon to Route 40 south of Heber.

            (3) SR-190. From Route 215 at Knudsen's Corner southeasterly to Route 210 at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon; then easterly through Big Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton, including Brighton Loop; then easterly through Guardsman Pass to the Salt Lake-Wasatch County line.

Amended by Chapter 57, 2008 General Session