Title 72 Chapter 4 Section 135

Transportation Code
Designation of State Highways Act
Section 135
State highways -- SR-291 to SR-294, SR-296, SR-298, SR-299.


72-4-135.   State highways -- SR-291 to SR-294, SR-296, SR-298, SR-299.

            State highways include:

            (1) SR-291. The Institute for the Blind. From Route 203, Harrison Boulevard, near Seventh Street in Ogden easterly and southerly to the hospital, including the loop on the southwest side of the hospital.

            (2) SR-292. At Salt Lake Community College.

            (a) From 2200 West Street easterly on 4520 South for 0.17 miles; beginning again at 0.47 miles easterly on 4520 South to Route 68.

            (b) From Route 68 westerly on 4600 South for 0.80 miles; then northerly on 1900 West to 4520 South.

            (c) From 4600 South northerly paralleling Route 68 to 4520 South.

            (d) From 2200 West easterly on Bruin Boulevard to Route 68.

            (3) SR-293. At State Capitol Building. All roads and parking areas within the capitol grounds.

            (4) SR-294. At State Mental Hospital. From the main gate on Center Street in Provo easterly to the administration building.

            (5) SR-296. At American Fork Training School. From 700 North in American Fork northerly.

            (6) SR-298. Roads at the Browning Armory in South Ogden used for automotive drivers' ability tests including parking areas.

            (7) SR-299. Those roads used for drivers' tests at 2780 West and 4700 South in Salt Lake County.

Amended by Chapter 27, 2004 General Session