Title 72 Chapter 9 Section 105

Transportation Code
Motor Carrier Safety Act
Section 105
Information lettered on vehicle -- Exceptions.


72-9-105.   Information lettered on vehicle -- Exceptions.

            (1) Except under Subsection (4), a motor carrier shall have lettered on both sides of any vehicle used for transportation of persons or property:

            (a) the name of the motor carrier company; and

            (b) the location of domicile by city and state for an intrastate commercial vehicle.

            (2) The lettering shall be free from obstruction and legible from a distance of at least 50 feet.

            (3) (a) In addition to the lettering required under Subsection (1), the department may require an identification number assigned by the department to be displayed in accordance with this section.

            (b) The number may be used to assist the department in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Transportation to develop a program to improve motor carrier safety enforcement.

            (4) An intrastate commercial vehicle primarily used by a farmer for the production of agricultural products is exempt from the provisions of this section.

Amended by Chapter 155, 2009 General Session