Title 76 Chapter 6 Section 206.2

Utah Criminal Code
Offenses Against Property
Section 206.2
Criminal trespass on state park lands -- Penalties.


76-6-206.2.   Criminal trespass on state park lands -- Penalties.

            (1) For purposes of this section:

            (a) "Authorization" means specific written permission by, or contractual agreement with, the Division of Parks and Recreation.

            (b) "Criminal trespass" means the elements of the crime of criminal trespass, as set forth in Section 76-6-206.

            (c) "Division" means the Division of Parks and Recreation, created in Section 79-4-201.

            (d) "State park lands" means all lands administered by the division.

            (2) A person is guilty of criminal trespass on state park lands and is liable for the civil damages prescribed in Subsection (5) if, under circumstances not amounting to a greater offense, and without authorization, the person:

            (a) constructs improvements or structures on state park lands;

            (b) uses or occupies state park lands for more than 30 days after the cancellation or expiration of authorization;

            (c) knowingly or intentionally uses state park lands for commercial gain;

            (d) intentionally or knowingly grazes livestock on state park lands, except as provided in Section 72-3-112; or

            (e) remains, after being ordered to leave by someone with actual authority to act for the division, or by a law enforcement officer.

            (3) A person is not guilty of criminal trespass if that person enters onto state park lands:

            (a) without first paying the required fee; and

            (b) for the sole purpose of pursuing recreational activity.

            (4) A violation of Subsection (2) is a class B misdemeanor.

            (5) In addition to restitution, as provided in Section 76-3-201, a person who commits any act described in Subsection (2) may also be liable for civil damages in the amount of three times the value of:

            (a) damages resulting from a violation of Subsection (2);

            (b) the water, mineral, vegetation, improvement, or structure on state park lands that is removed, destroyed, used, or consumed without authorization;

            (c) the historical, prehistorical, archaeological, or paleontological resource on state park lands that is removed, destroyed, used, or consumed without authorization; or

            (d) the consideration which would have been charged by the division for unauthorized use of the land and resources during the period of trespass.

            (6) Civil damages under Subsection (5) may be collected in a separate action by the division, and shall be deposited in the State Parks Fees Restricted Account as established in Section 79-4-402.

Amended by Chapter 344, 2009 General Session