Title 76 Chapter 6 Section 603

Utah Criminal Code
Offenses Against Property
Section 603
Detention of suspected violator by merchant -- Purposes.


76-6-603.   Detention of suspected violator by merchant -- Purposes.

            (1) Any merchant who has probable cause to believe that a person has committed retail theft may detain such person, on or off the premises of a retail mercantile establishment, in a reasonable manner and for a reasonable length of time for all or any of the following purposes:

            (a) to make reasonable inquiry as to whether such person has in his possession unpurchased merchandise and to make reasonable investigation of the ownership of such merchandise;

            (b) to request identification;

            (c) to verify such identification;

            (d) to make a reasonable request of such person to place or keep in full view any merchandise such individual may have removed, or which the merchant has reason to believe he may have removed, from its place of display or elsewhere, whether for examination, purchase, or for any other reasonable purpose;

            (e) to inform a peace officer of the detention of the person and surrender that person to the custody of a peace officer;

            (f) in the case of a minor, to inform a peace officer, the parents, guardian, or other private person interested in the welfare of that minor immediately, if possible, of this detention and to surrender custody of such minor to such person.

            (2) A merchant may make a detention as permitted herein off the premises of a retail mercantile establishment only if such detention is pursuant to an immediate pursuit of such person.

Amended by Chapter 306, 2007 General Session