Title 76 Chapter 6 Section 1001

Utah Criminal Code
Offenses Against Property
Section 1001


76-6-1001.   Definitions.

            As used in this part:

            (1) "Key" means any instrument used by the postal service and postal customer, and which is designed to operate the lock on a mail receptacle.

            (2) "Mail" means any letter, card, parcel, or other material, along with its contents, that:

            (a) has postage affixed by the postal customer or postal service;

            (b) has been accepted for delivery by the postal service;

            (c) the postal customer leaves for collection by the postal service; or

            (d) the postal service delivers to the postal customer.

            (3) "Mail receptacle" means a mail box, post office box, rural box, or any place intended or used by postal customers or the postal service for the collection or delivery of mail.

            (4) "Postage" means a postal service stamp, permit imprint, meter strip, or other indication of either prepayment for postal service provided or authorization by the postal service for collection and delivery of mail.

            (5) "Postal service" means the United States Postal Service and any motor carrier engaged in the business of collecting, transporting, and delivering mail.

Enacted by Chapter 87, 1998 General Session