Title 76 Chapter 8 Section 504.6

Utah Criminal Code
Offenses Against the Administration of Government
Section 504.6
False or misleading information.


76-8-504.6.   False or misleading information.

            (1) A person is guilty of a class B misdemeanor if the person, not under oath or affirmation, intentionally or knowingly provides false or misleading material information to:

            (a) an officer of the court for the purpose of influencing a criminal proceeding; or

            (b) the Bureau of Criminal Identification for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of eligibility for expungement.

            (2) For the purposes of this section "officer of the court" means:

            (a) prosecutor;

            (b) judge;

            (c) court clerk;

            (d) interpreter;

            (e) presentence investigator;

            (f) probation officer;

            (g) parole officer; and

            (h) any other person reasonably believed to be gathering information for a criminal proceeding.

            (3) This section does not apply under circumstances amounting to Section 76-8-306 or any other provision of this code carrying a greater penalty.

Amended by Chapter 283, 2010 General Session